Friday, July 9, 2010

Online Encumbrance Certificate in Andhra Pradesh

You can get an encumbrance certificate online in AP now. In order to get it you have to perform the following steps.
  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Citizen Services -> encumbrance -> Search
  3. Click on Yes in the screen that appears
  4. Fill in the entries that appear in the search screen. You will have to get quite a few details in so it will help to have a copy of the registration document available with you.
  5. Once you finish entering all the details click on Submit. It will then go to a new page with the list of items that matched the search displayed.
  6. Click on the check box of the list of encumbrance certificates that are needed and click on submit. This will open a new popup window with the encumbrance certificate. You can then print this certificate.

What is this useful for

  • Anyone buying new property can go and verify the current owners of the property that is shown on this certificate in the column Name of PartiesExecutant(EX)&Claimants(CL) with the copy of the registration documents given for verification. That way you can make sure that you are buying the property from someone who is genuine.
  • For those that already own property you can make sure that the right people are appearing in the column Name of PartiesExecutant(EX)&Claimants(CL) as the current owners of the property.

Tips on finding your certificate

  • Give as few details as possible and click on search. It will then display a whole set of certiticates. Select all and submit and see all the certificates. Once you get all of them search for the one you want and then in the column "Vol/Pg NoCD No Doct No/Year[ScheduleNo]" search for the Doct No/Year. Go back to your original list of encumbrance certificates where you selected all earlier and only select this one doct No/Year and voila you will get the certificate you want.